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Bhubaneswar ('The Lord of the Universe'), the capital city of the state of Orissa. This city traces its history to the 4th century B.C., when it was the capital of the huge nd prosperous Kalinga Empire. In the 7th century, city became the capital of the Sailodbhava kings, and that was when the Golden period of the Bhubaneswar began. It is said that Bhubaneswar had 7,000 temples. Now only a few hundred ancient temples remain. The Lingaraja temple is one of the most impressive temples in India. Regrettably, non-Hindus are not permitted to enter, but can view the temple only from the outside. There is no real downtown area; rather, everything is spread out. The railway station and the old bus stand are close to each other in the center of town. The New long-distance bus station is about 5 km west of the center of the town. Most of the temples are located in the southeast section of the city, near the Bindu-sarovara Tank. The skyline of Bhubaneswar is dominated by the temples that are a true spectacle of the architectural capabilities of the people of this historic city. Some of the temples of Bhubaneswar have stood witness to the history of this city that dates back to 25 centuries.

Lingaraj Temple:
This temple is dedicated to Shiva as Lord Lingaraj. Lingaraja Temple represents the peak of achievement in Orissas middle period. The 54m spire of the temple dominates the Bhubaneswar landscape. Set in a walled compound, the Lingaraj is surrounded by many smaller shrines.

The Parasuramesvera Temple:
A 7th century Shiva Temple, classical in style,one of the oldest in Bhubaneswar. Located close to the main Bhubaneswar to Puri Road, on the same side as the Lingaraj Temple, the Grove of the Perfect Beings is a cluster of about 20 smaller temples.

Rajarani Temple:
Rajarani is a 'love temple', covered with coyly erotic carvings of women and couples. This 11th century Raja Rani temple is aesthetically endearing, sculpted with graceful feminine figures. It is surrounded by well-maintained gardens.

Khandagiri and Udayagiri Caves:
Twin hills honey-combed with Jain caves that reveal the sculptural art of the 2nd century BC makes an interesting study of the life and times of Jain ascetics.

Mukteswar, Siddheswar and Kedargauri Temples:

Not far from the Parsuarameswar is the small 10th century Mukteswar Mandir, the Gem of Orissan architecture. The carvings of dwarfs are particularly striking. In front of the temple there is a beautiful arched architrave clearly showing a Buddhist influence.

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