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Kolkata or Calcutta is the self-proclaimed capital of India's intellectuals, home to three Nobel Prize laureates (including the revered Rabindranath Tagore, who became Asia's first Nobel laureate in 1913) and an Oscar-winning film director (Satyajit Ray). Warm, helpful, and imbued with a great sense of humor (not to mention a famously keen appreciation for dining), the Bengalis live by the maxim that "what Bengal does today, India will do tomorrow." Engaging in lively discussion on the benefits or drawbacks of Communism, or on the original recipe for sandesh (milk-based sweets, a Bengali specialty), is likely to be one of your more memorable experiences in India.

Maidan and Fort William
Maidan and Fort William situated near the river Hooghly, this is one of the biggest parks in India. It covers an area of 3 km². On the west of Maidan, is Fort William. Fort William the most impressive edifice in Kolkata of the military power of the British Raj in the East. It continues to serve as a citadel of the Indian army in Eastern India. Actually, there were two Fort Williams, the old and the new.

Eden Garden
Eden Garden of Kolkata was established in 1864. It is considered one of the oldest and finest grounds in the world. Eden Garden provides the largest cricketing facilities in the world. It has a seating capacity of 120,000 persons.

Victoria Memorial
The credit for designing and drawing the plan for this monument goes to Sir William Emerson, President of the British Institute of Architects. Victoria Memorial of Kolkata, India is a fantastic place that will take you into the world of past history, where you can view the photos and effigies of prominent personalities, who made an incredible contribution in the glory of India. Today, Victoria memorial is one of the finest art museums in Kolkata. It is a 184 ft tall edifice that was constructed on 64 acres of land. The museum houses a group of mind-blowing figures above the north porch that epitomize prudence, learning and motherhood.

Saint Paulís Cathedral
Calcutta St. Paul's Cathedral is the first Episcopal Church of the Orient. Bishop Wilson patronized the construction of this beautiful church in 1839. The church is located within huge grounds, where you can also find a meditation point that has been set up in the recent times in collaboration with distinguished citizens of Tagore's Shantiniketan. The beautiful pictures describe the life and works of Saint Paul. The atmosphere of this cathedral is very tranquil. The architecture and the interim of the Saint Paul Cathedral is truly a feast for eyes.

Nakhoda Mosque
The Nakhoda Mosque, Kolkata, located in Jacquaria Street, near the junction of Chitpore Road and Mahatma Gandhi Road was founded by Abdar Rahim Osman, a resident of Cutch in 1926. The massive red sandstone mosque was constructed on the lines of Akbar's tomb in Sikandra, Agra. The magnificent dome shaped mosque made of red sandstone has two minarets, each about 151ft. high and 25 tiny pillars all around, which are 100ft. - 117ft. tall. The finest specimen of the Indo-Saracenic school of architecture, the Nakhoda Mosque, Kolkata, is an outstanding exhibition of superb embellishment and artistic extravaganza.

Paresnath Jain Temple (Buily by Sh. Ray Badridas Bahadur)
Pareshnath Jain temple is a very famous temple of Calcutta that was built by an art connoisseur named Ray Badridas Bahadur in 1867. Located in the northeast side of the city, Calcutta Pareshnath Jain temple is a mind-blowing place of worship, the beauty of which is enhanced by mirrors and colored stones. It houses four different temples, out of which the main temple is established in the honor of the 10th Jain Avtaar, Sri Sital Nath Ji. There is a small stream over there, which is covered by gorgeous flowers on all sides. Pareshnath Jain temple of Kolkata also contains a cozy greeting room and a museum.

Kali Temple
Kalighat is located in the city of Calcutta on the banks of the river Hooghly (Bhagirathi). The name Calcutta is said to have been derived from the word Kalighat. The Kalighat temple in its present form is only about 200 years old, although it has been referred to in Mansar Bhasan composed in the 15th century, and in Kavi Kankan Chandi of the 17th century.

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