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The capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram is said to be built on seven hills, and carries the ancient traditions of the state since 1000 BC. Also known as the “City of the Sacred Serpent,” the land derives its name from the sacred serpent of Lord Vishnu, Anantha. This beautiful seaside city is spread over an area of 2,192 sq km and has been the capital of the region since the reign of the Raja of Travancore in 1750. Over the decades, Thiruvananthapuram has been an erstwhile city from the perspective of trade and culture. Not surprisingly, post independence, when the state of Kerala was formed in 1956, Thiruvananthapuram was considered as the ideal candidate for the capital. Thiruvananthapuram city is considered as one of the loveliest cities in India. Built on seven low coastal hills, the city has an interesting mixture of tree-lined avenues. Massive buildings, ancestral homes and a long sea coast washed by the waves of the Arabian Sea. Clean, green Thiruvananthapuram, with its spacious layout and regulated life, is also an excellent base to explore the interiors of Kerala. It is bordered by Kollam district in the north, Thirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts of the State of Tamil Nadu in the east and south and the Arabian sea in the west. Thiruvananthapuram is a beautiful city of magnificent structures built on seven hills with anceint and modern style of architecture. Many important cultural institutions, palaces, art galleries, beaches and Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple are located here.

Thiruvananthapuram, the city of the sacred serpent, with its winding cobbled lanes, traditional red tiled wooden houses with pagoda tops and languid pace receives a modest nimber of tourists. But not for long. Kerala is the hottest item on the tourist map of India and Thiruvanthapuram is its gracious capital city.The capital city from where the world’s first elected Communist government governed is tucked into the lower part of southern Kerala, part of what was ravancore.
A pleasant city in one the most beautiful states in India, Thiruvananthapuram merits more than just a transit meal on the way to Kovalam Beach. The main city is characterized by beaches and narrow winding lanes. The ancient culture of the city is reflected in the old buildings and tapered, dusty lanes. The chief hub of the city is the M.G. Road, which is the main commercial center with most of the industrial and official buildings located in the vicinity. Although a number of hotels and lodges are located here, the quieter and peaceful ones are located close to the sea. All the main sights of interest are also located nearby, within a distance of 4 km, north or south. The chief transport centers such as the railway station and the bus stand are also located near M.G Road.

Festivals and fairs have always been a part of india and will stay so forever to add to India's colour and integrity. Take a look at fairs and festivals of this country in order to become a part of the same. India is a land of festivals and fairs.Every festival has some or the other traditional or religious importance.Every day of the year there is a festival celebrated in some part of the country. Some festivals welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions, the birthdays of divine beings, Saints, and gurus (the revered teachers), or the advent of the new year. A number of these festivals are common to most parts of India, however, they may be called by different names in the various parts of the country or may be celebrated in a different fashion. Every festival is celebrated in a unique style


Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple:

The temple, located near the bus stand at East Fort, is the city's most impressive landmark. Its 7 stored gopuram built in the 16th Century is one of the finest specimens of traditional South Indian temple architecture which reflects the Kerala influence. The temple corridors are lined with 368 sculpted stone pillars. Beautiful murals and ornamentation adorn the walls. Temple was renovated by the Maharaja of Thiruvithamcur in 1733. Only Hindus can enter the temple, wearing dhoti in a certain style. Sankumughom Beach, This palm-fringed beach near the airport, with its indoor recreation club and children's traffic training park is fine for an outing-though not for swimming.

An important fishing port near Kovalam beach. Here, one can see fishing boats return with their catch in the mornings.

A beautiful, curving, palm-fringed beach of golden sands and safe bathing have made India's major beach resort. It is an internationally known holiday destination. This natural bay is a safe sea-pool free from high waves and surges - ideal for swimming, surfing and skiing. The more adventurous can ride out into the sea on a catamaran. Besides the ITDC's luxury hotel complex, several other hotels and guest houses have sprung up on the hillsides overlooking the beach, taking advantage of the Kovalam boom. Among the many other attractions here are water sports, a theatre that stages traditional Kathakali dance dramas, a yoga centre and facilities for traditional oil bathing and massages according to the ancient Kerala Ayurvedic system.
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